God Wants You To Be Happy: Discovering Deeper Joy Than You Ever Imagined by James Randall Robison
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God Wants You To Be Happy

God Wants You To Be Happy
Softcover Book

Begin your journey to greater joy as you learn to remove the obstacles, properly handle the "mixed blessings," and walk the guaranteed paths to happiness according to God's word.


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“We thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It is very well written, practical, thought-provoking, and relevant. A great resource for a Godly view of true happiness.”
   Josh Hamilton

“Having dedicated my life to strengthening marriages, I understand the importance of happiness for couples. This book not only helps people individually, but also creates a better foundation for all relationships. In God Wants You To Be Happy, Robison joins Godly wisdom with personal insight to create a refreshing guide for living with unconditional joy and happiness.”
    Jimmy Evans / CEO MarriageToday
    Sr. Elder, Trinity Fellowship Church

“Negativity and discontent just don't lead us to the lives we desire. Wouldn't we rather just be happy? I would and I know you would too! Robison shows us we all can possess and express happiness. What an impact this could have on every family, marriage, and individual."
    Jennifer Rothschild / Author of Self Talk, Soul Talk and Lessons I Learned in the Dark
    Founder Womensministry.net and Fresh Grounded Faith Events

“Hey, is there an unhappy person in your life? This book will help point the way to a place of greater joy.”
    Dr. Kevin Leman / Author of Have a New Kid by Friday and Have a New You by Friday

“This book has the potential to change a lot of lives! Real happiness can only be found in the light of Christ. This light, implanted into the heart of every believer longs to consume us and emanate from us. Robison clearly defines the differences between the alluring happiness based on chasing our self-centered, ego-driven, materialistic desires, and happiness based on the light of Christ already within us.”
    Pete Wilson / Author of Plan B

“When I was asked to do an endorsement for this book, I was honored. But then when I saw the title I thought, 'Oh no, I can’t write an endorsement, I don’t even believe his title!'

“I was wrong. Robison has shown an in-depth look at what happiness means in God’s economy – he really has given us a Bible study on the subject. God does want us to be happy in the truest sense of the word. I learned so much and appreciate his new insights, his scholastic approach and his practical applications.

“If you want to know happiness as God intends it, read this book!”
    Ruth Graham

"This is a marvelous message for the perilous times in which we live. It is a must read for anyone in pursuit of true happiness."
    Kelly Wright / TV News Anchor & Reporter

“In troubled times, Robison reminds us that ‘the joy of the Lord,’ isn’t just part of a verse to quote, it’s God’s central plan for our lives. The choice is ours to walk in happiness, and Randy illuminates the steps!"
    Carolyn Castleberry / TV personality and author of It’s About Time:
    10 Smart Strategies to Avoid Time Traps and Invest Yourself Where it Matters

“Here’s a straight from the shoulder guidebook that will avoid the shallows of world-think, anchor to The Rock of God’s grace-filled and loving ways, and answer the deep-seated heartcry of innumerable honest men and women, teens and collegians who are seeking lasting fulfillment.”
    Jack W. Hayford / President, The King’s University

"Joy is hugely important in the lives of believers and this is the perfect manual for finding real happiness."
    Andy Andrews / New York Times bestselling author of The Traveler’s Gift and The Noticer

“This book makes war on age ‘ole heresy that Christians are unhappy people. Redeeming the truth that our God is the author of joy, Robison breathes life again in his reader’s soul.”
    Johnnie Moore / Author of Honestly: Really Living What We Say We Believe
    Vice President and Campus Pastor, Liberty University

“True happiness isn’t achieved through selfishness; rather, it comes from seeking God first and living a life that blesses others. Robison gets that. I’m so glad there’s a book that reveals how you can live with a biblical happiness that not only enriches your own life, but also impacts the lives of those around you.”
    Robert Morris / Senior Pastor, Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas

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